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Antarctica was promoted by Ranjan Kuthari, a brilliant electrical engineer and a post graduate in management studies in 1982.

With an eye to bring in the latest technology, Antarctica imported the most sophisticated pre-press system to provide up-dated pre-press services to upgrade the quality of printing.

Being fully established in the pre-press sector, Antarctica diversified into printing on a job work basis bringing in Multicolor offset printing machines.

Having served the Industry for over a decade and with vast experience, proven quality and track record Antarctica went in for expansion and diversification. Antarctica went public in 1994.

With recent globalization, market expectations of better products, there exist tremendous scope of export of print and packaging. Keeping this in mind and against backdrop of upgrade in technology Antarctica diversified in field of Packaging, Printing.

Antarctica's Packaging/Printing Unit is located at Falta Export Processing Zone [Free Trade Zone] about 50 K.M. from the city of Calcutta; consisting of manufacturing machines with state-of-the art technology. Being situated in the export zone, company is allowed to import  duty free. This coupled with relatively cheap labor, makes  it  very  very competitive in the International market. Company  exports to countries  like  Sri  Lanka, Middle-East, UAE, Russia, Khazakhistan, Nepal and various agencies, earning invaluable foreign currency for the country.

Company is primarily engaged in  carton box  manufacturing, with  option of lined cartons i.e. carton with tube inside, book printing & finishing, labels, contract packaging, tea bags, posters etc.

                  Registered office of the company is situated at 1A, Vidyasagar Street, Calcutta - 700009.